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OFAC (Office of Foreign Asset Control)

As a result of the continuing economic and political instability in Iran, many Iranian- Americans are attempting to sell their remaining assets in Iran, including residential, commercial or agricultural real estate that they did not sell prior to moving to the United States. Others are seeking to go through the Iranian legal system to reclaim real estate assets that were seized by the government after the Islamic Revolution.


These activities may run afoul of the sanctions established by the U.S. government, which flatly prohibit certain types of transactions and require U.S. persons to obtain a specific license to engage in transactions relating to real and personal property located in Iran. Many Iranian-Americans also do not know that these restrictions and licensing requirements also apply to investment in Iran, or that the definition of investment under the applicable law covers activities they would not expect to be subject to these regulations. U.S. law requires U.S. persons to obtain a special license from OFAC to engage in any of the transactions that fall within the scope of the Iranian sanctions.

Saidii & Associates can assist you in obtaining all necessary OFAC licenses according to the U.S. Department of Treasury laws and regulations with respect to Iran Sanctions; preparation of all compliance reports, assisting clients with transferring money to and from Iran and US; handling all OFAC questions and other related matters with respect to transferring money including but not limited to dealing with various banks regarding blocked funds.


What differentiate Saidii and Associates from other companies is our tax planning background. This means bringing your investment in Iran is one side of this equation and dealing with IRS is another. 


At Saidii & Associates, we ensure that you are given the very best in financial and tax reporting. We suggest to contact us if you are becoming a new US Permanent Immigrant (through lottery or family), you are a US citizen or US Permanent Resident (Green card holder) before selling your properties in Iran or liquidating your investment in Iran to bring it to US. This include those individuals with H-1B and F1 Student visas.


Our Office also can assist clients with Specific OFAC license, US Export (Re-export) license application.